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General Manager в Ташкенте

ищу работу в Ташкенте, возможен переезд, полная занятость
Mamaeva Gulya 41 год, Ташкент, высшее образование
+998 93 531 XX XX

Опыт работы

General Manager
10 лет 3 мес янв 2010 - Настоящее время
Trade Company, Tashkent
10 лет 3 мес янв 2010 - Настоящее время
Realised the strategy of business of the company;
Formed the structure of the company and system of interaction with partners;
Budgeting, control of its execution;
Optimised industrial costs and reduced expenses and losses by 100 000$;
Analysed and coordinated the financial activity of the Company;
Traced market tendencies and activity of Company's competitors;
Performed representation functions, negotiations and the conclusion of contracts;
Presented business reports for the board;
Selection, hiring, dismissal and a personnel assessment of works.
Chief financial officer
10 лет 1 мес ноя 1999 - дек 2009
Foreign Representative, Tashkent
10 лет 1 мес ноя 1999 - дек 2009
Conducted the tax, accounting and administrative account;
Formation and a regulation of a registration policy;
Managed Bank-client and cash operations;
Run all settlement of the accounts department;
Controlled over expenses and payments;
Budgeting, control of its execution;
Improved the system of the accounts;
Formed financial reports.

Высшее образование

Tashkent Financial University, Tashkent
Master degree in financial account and economy
4 года 10 мес окт 1994 - авг 1999

Знание языков

Русский - свободно, Английский - продвинутый, Узбекский - средний
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