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Purchasing manager/agent/representative: sunflower oil in Tashkent

I am looking for a job in Tashkent, remote work
Full name hidden 46 years old, Kiev, Ukraine, higher education
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No work experience

Higher education

European University, Киев
Financial management
5 years 5 mo. Sep 2003 - Feb 2009


Russian - fluent, Ukrainian - fluent, English - basic

Additional information

I'm looking for a job as a purchasing manager (agent, representative) in a company that purchases refined or unrefined (crude) sunflower oil and other foods and drinks in Ukraine or other CIS countries (former USSR).
I can find the supplier-exporter of the required products in the CIS countries, negotiate and make a contract between my employer (the buyer) and the seller of the goods.
Contact me only through a personal message in English, Russian or Ukrainian.

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