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I'm looking for a job Russian-Ukrainian translator remotely in Tashkent

I am looking for a job in Tashkent, remote work
Full name hidden 46 years old, Kiev, Ukraine, higher education
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No work experience

Higher education

European University, Kiev
Financial management
5 years 5 mo. Sep 2003 - Feb 2009


Russian - fluent, Ukrainian - fluent, English - basic

Additional information

I'm looking for a job - Russian-Ukrainian-Russian translator.
Main duties: Written translation of texts from Russian into Ukrainian and from Ukrainian into Russian.
Ready to work with large volumes of information for translation.
The finished translation will be provided in text format (txt) or MS Word of your choice.
Higher education.
Free, spoken: Russian and Ukrainian.
Without bad habbits.

Only remote work is interested.
I can communicate by e-mail, mobile phone,
The schedule of work is preferably free but, if necessary, you can agree on the required schedule (days and hours).
Preferably Saturday, Sunday and public holidays are days off.
The location (city, country) of the employer does not matter.
Contact me only through a personal message in English, Russian or Ukrainian.

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